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When your company decides to hire a video production company to create a marketing/promotional piece for your brand, you need to figure out right away who will be the final decision-makers. I’ve produced videos for clients with only one decision-maker in the mix, and I’ve worked for clients who have assembled a committee of about twelve people. Knowing who needs to be a part of the team working with the video production company is an important step, because it affects the overall production schedule. I’ve given some advice in a previous post about scheduling your project, so you might want to glance at that article (bear in mind that the production schedule defined in the post is simply a guideline; video projects can vary greatly in regards to schedules and deadlines).

As a video producer/director, I want the same thing you as the client want – an efficient production that results in a high-quality video delivered on time and on budget. I know how important a deadline is for you and your marketing team. I sometimes see scheduling problems occur when a client has several people on a committee, each of whom have a say in what the video says and how it looks. There’s no problem with forming a large committee tackle an important video project, but it’s important to remember that the more people that are included in the project means that more people need to see the video and provide feedback. This means that you need to pad your post-production schedule accordingly to accommodate revisions and approval meetings. The last thing anyone wants is to be right up against your deadline, only to find out that Bob has some last-second changes that he wants to incorporate.

Organize your entire team first and make sure everyone stays in the loop. Then, give yourself enough time in post-production and your company should walk away with a great video and a pleasant experience.

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