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More Businesses Are Using Promotional Video Online

Monday, October 11th, 2010

The use of online video continues to gain great acceptance among Internet users. Businesses, non-profits, artists, bands, industries, individuals, etc. are realizing that online video is effective and that viewership is increasing every year. For this post, I’ve collected a few articles that focus on the effectiveness of online video. For additional information, tips, etc. on how you can utilize video in your communication strategy, subscribe to our blog feed or sign up for our free monthly e-newsletter.

Mobile Video IP Traffic to Surge 500% Through 2013
By Mark R. Robertson

So it seems that mobile video  is becoming a driving force behind IP traffic. What does that mean exactly? Well it means that a lot of people are watching video on their mobiles through the data networks and Internet.

Video content is rapidly expanding into every nook and cranny of data networks and spreading from device to device with impunity. Mobile phones are getting stronger hardware, better, bigger displays, so it should be no surprise that video is making its way into the pockets of those on the go.

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Why Online Video Will Keep Growing Like a Weed
By Chris Crum

As you probably know, online video has become quite a hot medium, and the rate at which people view it continues to increase. This is not surprising considering the year we had last year in online video. This year certainly started off with a boom as well as a famous super bowl ad truly introduced the world to Hulu.

Recent research from Nielsen shows that in May [2009], unique visitors, total streams, streams per viewer, and time per viewer were all up compared to the same month in 2008. There was a 49% increase in time per viewer.

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Companies Throw Their Weight Behind Online Video
By Paul Verna

Most of the attention in the online video space has focused on either media content and consumers or marketers and video advertisements. But companies continue to push further into this realm with non-advertising content.

Recent studies have shown that growing numbers of retailers are adding video capabilities to their sites. Surveys of Fortune 500 companies also indicate a broad-scale increase in the use of video for marketing purposes. In this sense, video has gone from a luxury to a near necessity for companies seeking an edge in marketing their products.

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Get Creative With The iPhone

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

As an iPhone user, I am always on the lookout for useful apps. Some help me with my business, like tracking my time or my mileage. Others help me in my video production work, like when I have to mark shots with a slate and create shot logs. It’s fascinating to see the versatility of these smartphones and as someone who works in the creative industry, it’s great to see people using their phones as an outlet for artistic expression. Just recently, I was reading an article about people shooting short film projects entirely on the iPhone 4. With video editing apps like iMovie and ReelDirector, you can do everything on the phone. Recently, I’ve been using a few apps to process photos I’ve taken on my iPhone. Two apps I’d like to recommend for enhancing your iPhone photos are Photogene and Photoshop Express. A friend also told me about TrueHDR, an app that creates HDR images from photos on your phone. I’ve also been experimenting with the blurred tilt shift lens look with an app called Tilt Shift Generator. Here are a few samples of shots taken with my iPhone and processed with some of these apps.

Restaurant in Miniature

Processed with the Tilt Shift Generator

The Peanut Depot

Processed with Photoshop Express

And here’s an image from a friend of mine, created with the TrueHDR app.

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Extreme Retail Makeover

Thursday, May 28th, 2009
Keith Krininger (left) received an extreme retail makeover

Keith Krininger (left) received an extreme retail makeover

I was browsing through a back-issue of the Birmingham Business Journal and came across the following article by Lauren Cooper about a local business owner who saw his sales improve from a complete store makeover, including logo design, displays, advertising, and marketing. Many people like using the economy as an excuse to slash marketing and advertising budgets, but this particular case study demonstrates the value of good, solid marketing efforts.

Local businessman Keith Krininger said last week was a whirlwind at a few of his local Bedzzz Express stores.

With a film crew documenting every moment, representatives from mattress component manufacturer Leggett & Platt Inc. conducted an “Extreme Retail Makeover” of four of his eight stores – modeled after the television show Extreme Home Makeover.

Krininger was chosen from hundreds of mattress retailers across the country to be the Fortune 500 company’s test case in proving the industry can profit from touting the health benefits of sleep, said Mark Quinn, Leggett & Platt’s executive vice president of bedding sales and marketing .

Four of Krininger’s stores underwent a visual, marketing and process makeover, including logos, displays and advertising, to improve traffic and profitability.

And one week after its implementation, Krininger said he can tell a difference.

“Customers are responding to it,” he said. “Right off the bat, we’re selling the sheets (now offered), which I was skeptical about that.”

Sales of bed frames have noticeably changed as well, he said.

“We used to have just one, but now we have three choices and – amazing enough – if you give (the customer) the choice they’ll say ‘I don’t want the cheaper one, I want the one in the middle or the higher.”

And one of the most important shifts was in his 31 employees and sales associates, he said. The experience was exciting and invigorating for them and has expanded their thinking to new levels, he said.

Leggett & Platt’s Quinn said a lot of the credit goes to Krininger, who agreed to have his business totally up-ended.

“He’s been in business for 15 years and has been successful,” said Quinn. “But it’s a different time. If you are not willing to expand your comfort zone now, then you’re not going to do it.”

The makeover at Bedzzz Express is a great example of bringing new life to an old business plan, said Betsy Holloway, associate professor of marketing at Samford University’s Brock School of Business.

By differentiating himself and educating customers on the benefits of sleep, he’ll have a competitive advantage relative to other bedding retailers, she said.

“Before it was just the product, but now it’s the presentation, product promotion and personnel to articulate the benefit,” said Holloway. “He’s offering more value, which allows him to charge higher prices and create a higher volume. Sounds like a recipe for success.”

Krininger said his next step will be to implement the makeover in his remaining Bedzzz Express stores and to offer it to his nine licensed Bedzzz Express’ outside of Birmingham.

With that done and the national recognition within the industry he’ll get from the makeover, he’ll be able to concentrate on growing his license business beyond the state’s borders, he said.

Leggett & Platt’s Quinn said the video from the Extreme Retail Makeover will be shown at a large industry conference this spring, a Web site will be dedicated to the makeover and certain components will be offered to others in the industry.

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