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Include Video With QR Campaigns to Increase Engagement

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Red Fox Media - Video Production - Birmingham, ALQR (Quick Response) Codes are gradually becoming more of a mainstream marketing tool for brands here in the US, as companies seek to take advantage of smartphone mobile technology. Media has become more integrated and more interactive than ever before, so it’s important for marketers to find ways to create additional levels of engagement. And when you increase audience participation you will also increase the amount of time an audience spends with your brand. QR Codes are an excellent way to give consumers that kind of experience.

For those unfamiliar with QR Codes, here’s a brief synopsis: There are several apps available for smartphones that allow users to scan barcodes while shopping. Once the barcode is scanned, information regarding the product is displayed (i.e. pricing information, store locations that carry the product, product reviews, etc.). QR Codes work in the same way. Users can scan QR Codes located on t-shirts, product displays, print ads, vehicles, computer screens – anything. Embedded within the code is a link to a mobile site where consumers can find additional content about a company, a product, service, or cause. Advertisers are now no longer limited to the confinements of a single print ad or billboard. They can now place QR Codes into the ad to provide consumers with more ways to get involved. Non-profits can use QR Codes to get people to sign a petition regarding a specific cause. Organizations can use them to link people to valuable information regarding storm clean-up schedules, recovery needs, etc. Companies can use QR Codes to link consumers to video content where they can view product demonstrations, see the product/service in action, view client testimonials, take a virtual tour, etc. It might be fun for advertisers to link their QR Codes to a series of behind-the-scenes videos which shows consumers how a particular ad campaign was conceptualized, written, shot and edited.

Have you considered ways to take advantage of smartphone technology in your marketing efforts? Here are some more ideas to help you brainstorm.

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