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Your Videos May Rank Higher Than Your Website

Friday, September 2nd, 2011
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SEO firms and marketers agree that placing videos on your website will not only encourage visitors to stay longer and interact more with your website, but it will help boost your site’s SEO. And if you also upload those same videos to various video hosting sites (and optimize those videos by naming and tagging them appropriately), you can drastically increase your content’s search rankings. Consider this quote from SEO guru Bruce Clay, of Bruce Clay, Inc.

…In the case of video, we believe that as one of the more important engagement objects, google has actually started to build it into the algorithm.  To us, that means if your website has engagement objects on it,  video or mp3…  it is going to be received by the algorithm better and your site will actually have an opportunity to rank better.

*Source: Engagement Objects – Without Video, Your Website will NOT Rank in Google

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And this quote was taken from an article written in 2009, so consider the advancements Google made in their search algorithms over the past two years. Each day, those algorithms are more capable of crawling and indexing video content. Videos are now showing up more and more prominently in search results. In fact, videos may rank higher than your actual website. And you can take advantage of that by linking back to your website on every video you upload.

So, if you are interested in distilling information about yourself, your company, your team, your products, or your services, and you want to rank higher in Google search results, consider using video to increase your online visibility. You may want to start off with something simple, like a testimonial video from your clients/customers, or a stand-up, elevator-pitch-style video that introduces yourself to viewers. From there you can continue to build your video collection.

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Daisy Whitney’s Social Video Effect

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I regularly listen to podcasts on a variety of topics that interest me. For a list of podcasts that I recommend, look here and here. I was watching one of the recent “New Media Minute” video podcasts from Daisy Whitney, and came across the one entitled, “The Social Video Effect.” In this particular installment, Whitney discusses how implementation of video within social media networks can greatly increase a brand’s exposure. Here are some take-away points:

  1. The average Internet user in the US spends an average of 4 1/2 hours per month of social networks.
  2. Research shows that using video on social networks can improve consumer engagement.
  3. Brightcove, an online video technology provider, reports that videos shared through social media perform better than other videos. For example, every auto-shared tweet from YouTube results in approximately six new YouTube viewing sessions. Also, viewers that find new videos through friends and influencers on social media networks are more likely to view or complete watching an entire video.
  4. Video can drive traffic to your website. Forrester Research found that webpages with video are 50% more likely than pages with text to show up on the first page of Google search results.
  5. If you are using video on your website and within the social media space, include Facebook buttons and other sharing buttons to encourage viewers to pass your video on to someone else.
  6. Include clickable calls to action within the video itself. Read this article about the rise of interactive online video.

And one final point: don’t forget to monitor the performance of your videos to see how audiences are responding to your message. There are some great analytics tools available to help you measure your ROI when it comes to your video marketing campaign.

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Public Parc: Determining Your Search Terms

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Our free e-newsletter is distributed every first Tuesday of the month. Included in each issue is the “Public Parc,” a forum for discussing different topics pertaining to sales, marketing, video, and social media. Subscribers to the newsletter and readers of the blog are encouraged to get involved in the discussion by posting their comments here. You can also post your thoughts on Twitter, using the hashtag #PublicParc. Here is this month’s Public Parc discussion:

If you were to do a Google search to find a video production company and/or a website design/development company, what search terms would you use?

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