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Sprite Zero Launches Interactive Video

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Brands are really starting to embrace interactive video content, which gives viewers options of what they would like to see while the video plays. It’s an excellent way to boost consumer engagement, while increasing the amount of time a potential customer spends with one particular brand. Video producers and marketers are not only interested in video views, but also on completed video views.┬áRecently, Coca-Cola Germany released this interactive video for Sprite Zero. It features a skateboarder launching himself off of a ramp and doing tricks while in mid-air. However, viewers have control over which tricks they want to see. By using keyboard keys 4 through 9, viewers can skip certain tricks, replay others, and create a customized sequence. It’s interesting to note that the producers chose to minimize branding, because, “[We] wanted the focus to be on the content and interactivity.” So, how can you incorporate this kind of video content into your marketing efforts to draw your potential customers into learning more about your products and services?

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Interactive Videos Boost Consumer Engagement

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I believe the next big thing with regards to online video is interactivity. Companies are already starting to explore how they can use interactive videos to enhance their brands and bolster customer engagement. In essence, an interactive video is comparable to the old choose-your-own-adventure books. Click-able items within the video allow viewers to determine the outcome of a particular story, or affect the video in some way. Retailers can insert links within videos to take viewers directly to a products page where they can purchase the items featured in the video. The fashion company French Connection has embraced interactive video by creating a custom YouTube channel and uploading short episodes with links back to their website where people can buy the clothes seen in the episode. For inspiration on how you can use interactive video for your own marketing efforts, take a look at this article, “10 Incredible Interactive YouTube Videos.”

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