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We’re Looking for Talent

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

televisionOne of the exciting things we are working on right now is the development of a new documentary reality TV series. The focus of the show will center on a unique business, industry, etc. featuring individuals with charismatic personalities. For reference, think of shows like “Deadliest Catch,” “American Chopper,” “Pawn Stars,” “Construction Intervention,” “Ice Road Truckers,” or “Cake Boss.”

As a region, the southeast is under-represented when it comes to the shows that are currently being produced, so we are hoping to find some great stories from right here in Alabama. This is where we need your help. If you have a great idea for a new documentary TV series, we would love to hear about it. Send us an email and give us the pitch. If we feel that it has potential, we will get back in touch with you to schedule a time when we can come out and shoot a brief demo reel.

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Check Out the Updated Demo Reel

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Since we will soon be launching the new Red Fox Media brand, I updated our demo reel. This reel features our new logo, along with samples of our more recent work. The new Red Fox Media website should go live in a couple of weeks. It’s been a long transition and I’ll be glad when it’s all complete.

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Soft Launch for Wade Sand and Gravel

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

wade-sand-gravel-co-incThe motivation behind the decision to transition to Red Fox Media came from two sources: First, much of the content we produce is for a client’s website. Since online video is becoming more pervasive and mainstream, more and more clients want to produce a video for their website. So, we believe that expanding our services to include website design and development is a natural move for us. Second, there have been many instances when I have been in a meeting with a client and they have asked if I provide website design services in addition to video. I have been able to pick up a handful of web design projects from these inquiries.

Although the Red Fox brand hasn’t officially launched, we have already built up a good portfolio of web projects. Most recently we soft-launched a website for Wade Sand and Gravel, a company that operates a quarry in Birmingham, Alabama and provides crushed stone to aggregate customers. They approached us because they have never had an Internet presence and were looking to create a practical, informative website for potential customers coming into the Birmingham market for construction projects.

Wade Sand and Gravel owns and operates three companies – Wade Sand and Gravel, Superior Products, and Red Bluff Sand and Gravel. We soft-launched the Wade site to meet with the client’s important bid deadline, with the plan of launching a complete package of Wade company websites at a later date. Eventually, Superior Products and Red Bluff will have their own designated sites, with a landing page that provides links to all three companies.

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Take a Long, Hard Look in the Mirror

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I’ve been doing some self-evaluation recently in an effort to better define my company and our mission. If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest developments here, we will soon be Red Fox Media. I know, you have questions:

  • Has Parc Entertainment been bought out?
  • Will Clint be moving on to work for someone else?
  • Is this the end?

The answer to all of the above is, “no.” Our business is growing and so we are expanding our services. Therefore, we have decided to change our name, to more accurately reflect the company identity. Here’s a brief synopsis of who and what Red Fox Media is (this will appear on our new website –

Red Fox Media, formerly Parc Entertainment, is a digital production company in Birmingham, Alabama. As today’s media becomes increasingly integrated and pervasive, clients need dynamic and visually stunning content. That’s where we come in. Through HD video production and website design, we create compelling multimedia solutions that engage, inspire, and entertain. As media and technology continue to evolve, we readily adapt. That’s why we’re relentless. It’s why we hold ourselves to a higher standard. And it’s why we work everyday to provide our clients with visual excellence.

As we work toward the launch of this new brand, I’ve been thinking about our core values.  I’ve compiled them into a list. This list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive, but it will certainly give you an idea of what motivates us throughout every stage of every project:

  • We believe in challenging ourselves to create the best content for our clients.
  • We believe in having a passion for what we do.
  • We believe in creating content that stands apart from the others
  • We believe in high-production standards
  • We believe in constant improvement.
  • We believe in adapting to meet the needs of our clients and the marketplace.
  • We believe in greatness, not mediocrity
  • We believe in treating everyone with respect
  • We believe in prompt, courteous communication with all clients.
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You Need It, and It’s More Important Than Social Media

Monday, April 5th, 2010
Image representing iPhone 3G as depicted in Cr...
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I hardly listen to the radio anymore. Since purchasing my iPhone about 18 months ago, I spend my time listening to podcasts centered on the specific topics that interest me. A friend and I tried our hands at podcasting several months ago, but the effort quickly fizzled because we really didn’t have much of a strategy before diving into the deep end. However, now that Parc Entertainment is transitioning into Red Fox Media, I am going to give podcasting another go. I am currently working on developing a format and a strategy, so that this venture won’t drift as aimlessly as the last one.

I’m curious to know how many of you currently host a podcast. Why did you start podcasting? What results have you seen from your efforts? What lessons have you learned? One of the shows I listen to is the Internet Marketing Podcast. A recent episode centered on podcasting and featured an interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, one of the web’s leading authorities on podcasting. He offered some great insights on why podcasting is important and how it can be used to build a brand.

What thrills me about the age in which we live is that there are so many resources now available to marketers that can help build an audience. Social media, online video, podcasting, blogging, e-newsletters – in essence these tools have leveled the playing field somewhat, allowing the smallest of businesses to be heard. But one of the main lessons to take away from my brief foray into podcasting thus far is this – regardless of the medium, a successful marketing campaign is based on a solid, pre-produced strategy. You need to know what your goals are going in. You need to know what it is you want to say. Otherwise, the greatest marketing tools will not be able to help you build your brand.

With that in mind, what are some of your favorite marketing tools? What tactics have proven most successful to your business?

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