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Video Production and Social Media

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

In this Internet age, one that’s dominated by social media and user-generated content, it’s easy to find examples of individuals who have been reprimanded, fired, humiliated (or all of the above) based on what they post online. As much as the label “social media” is tossed around, the term “social policy” is not too far behind. It’s important for everyone to know what facts and information are okay to post online.

As a regular user of social media, I recognize the value it can have to SEO. Tools like Twitter and Facebook are additional spokes in the wheel that can drive additional traffic back to a website. Therefore, I like to keep my contacts updated on the projects we are working on. I might write a blurb about our recent work in our e-newsletter, or post behind-the-scenes pictures to our Facebook page.

If you find yourself working with a video production company, the contract needs to state explicitly what can/cannot be shared during the course of production. I have a clause in our contract which allows me to promote the work in various ways to help market my business. However, that particular clause deals specifically with the final, completed video. Posting pictures, videos, etc. online while the project is still in production is a separate matter and should be clarified between the video production company and the client before the job begins.

My clients do not have issues with me posting behind-the-scenes content to my various online accounts, but usually they ask me to wait until after the video is complete or after the video has been posted/exhibited/distributed. Every client-production company relationship will be different, but in the era of social media where everything is instant, policies regarding video production and social media should be addressed early so that serious problems don’t occur later.

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Pictures From Our Recent Video Shoot

Friday, March 11th, 2011

We were hired by an out-of-state production company to provide video production services for a one-day shoot in Hamilton, AL. Yesterday, we sent a DP and an audio tech up to Hamilton to a remote area of timber land. We shot b-roll and stand-up interviews for a piece highlighting a Memphis-based paper company and their ongoing attention to environmental and sustainability issues.

Red Fox Media - Birmingham, AL - Hamilton Video Shoot 02

Red Fox Media - Birmingham, AL - Hamilton Video Shoot 01

photo 2Red Fox Media - Birmingham, AL - Hamilton Video Shoot 04

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Behind the Scenes – Photos From Our Latest Video Shoot

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

We were hired by Hall Marketing to produce two promotional videos for one of their clients, Hoover City Schools. The school system offers counseling programs for Middle School and High School students, called Middle Ground and Bridges, respectively. Each program is designed to help students open up the lines of communications between themselves and parents over various issues that teens face. We shot the videos in one day at Hoover High School. Post-production should be complete by the middle of January.













You can view more pictures from our shoot by visiting our Flickr page.

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Behind-the Scenes Production Stills – Posh Birmingham

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Here are a few production stills from one of our recent commercial shoots. The client is, a soon-to-be-launched website highlighting some of the best retailers and restaurants in the Birmingham area. We produced :30, :15, and :05 spots that will start airing mid June.

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“If Only” Production Stills – Days 3 and 4

Monday, June 1st, 2009

We started production on my latest short film, “If Only” on April 19. We were forced to postpone subsequent shooting days due to bad weather. Finally, the entire cast and crew was able to re-convene this past weekend in an effort to wrap up shooting. Things went along beautifully until we were forced to wrap early Sunday night. Fortunately we have been able to schedule one final day of shooting next month. Here’s hoping we don’t run into any more delays. Enjoy a few production stills from the weekend’s shoot. Thanks to everyone for their hard work. 

DP Michael Praytor lights the set












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