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Our Latest Short Film Nearing Completion

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

In April 2009, we started production on a short film, tentatively titled “If Only.” The production itself was set back several times due to bad weather and some issues with locations, but we finally wrapped in early July 2009. If you would like to see some production stills, click here. Since that time we have been trying to finish post-production and it has been a long process. One reason for the delay has been our conflicting schedules. It has been difficult for the editor and me to sit down and hammer out the cut. Another reason has been our approach to the story. When I first wrote the script, I had a certain structure in mind for the film. However, as the editor and producer looked through all the footage, they had a different take on how we should construct the story. We had several discussions on how we would approach the edit and I am very pleased with the approach we took. We have now completed the edit and currently the film is in the hands of our music composer who will score the film. Once we have the music in place we will due a final audio mix and some color correction before we submit it to this year’s Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.┬áThe film has been officially renamed, “A Changed Man,” and centers around an emotionally distraught woman who struggles to put her past behind her and regain control of her life.

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