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Potential Problems For Your Video

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Red Fox Media - Video Production - Birmingham, AL - Collection BTS 009You’re set. You’ve hired a video production company to come into your place of business to shoot footage that will eventually be used in an online marketing piece. Everything is good to go. You and the Director have hammered out all the details. You have the talent scheduled. You have the script prepared and memorized. The shot list is ready. All that’s left is to shoot the video.

But have you really thought of everything? Could there be something that you overlooked?

If you work in a location with constant activity (i.e. a retail store, restaurant, salon, etc.), there are two main items on your pre-production checklist that need to be handled before the video production company arrives to set up.

  • Audio – If you plan to record live audio while on set, background noise will be a major concern. You need to take proper steps to ensure that you can capture good, clean audio. Ideally, you will want to shoot the video on a day when your business is not open to the public. This will eliminate sounds like customer chatter, footsteps, doors opening/closing, etc. If you are forced to shoot during a normal business day, try to select non-peak hours in which to shoot. This way, customer traffic should be at a minimum. To help reduce the amount of background noise, try hanging sound blankets around your talent. You can also post a public notice to all customers that filming is in progress and that all chatter should be kept to a whisper. Also look for places within your location that may not have quite as much foot traffic.
  • Release Forms – It’s important to lock down the area directly behind your talent, so that no one wanders into the background of your shot. If that isn’t possible, bear in mind that any customer that wanders into frame will need to give you his/her consent to be in the video. You will need to have release forms ready, in case this happens. If your business has a lot of foot traffic, it may not be feasible to stop every single customer and have each one sign a release form. In that case, you will need to place a public notice at the entrances to your business and around the camera crew which indicates that you are in the process of shooting a video. It will also need to clearly state to your customers that by walking throughout the store, their likeness may be captured on video.

Details are so important when it comes to producing a video for your business. Things that you normally take for granted (i.e. door chimes, customer traffic, electric appliances, chatter) can become distractions when trying to shoot. Talk with your video producer/director about your location and any potential logistical/legal problems you may face. Budget in the time for a tech scout with your video production team. The best way to handle these issues is to take care of them before they become bigger problems.

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Daisy Whitney’s Social Video Effect

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

I regularly listen to podcasts on a variety of topics that interest me. For a list of podcasts that I recommend, look here and here. I was watching one of the recent “New Media Minute” video podcasts from Daisy Whitney, and came across the one entitled, “The Social Video Effect.” In this particular installment, Whitney discusses how implementation of video within social media networks can greatly increase a brand’s exposure. Here are some take-away points:

  1. The average Internet user in the US spends an average of 4 1/2 hours per month of social networks.
  2. Research shows that using video on social networks can improve consumer engagement.
  3. Brightcove, an online video technology provider, reports that videos shared through social media perform better than other videos. For example, every auto-shared tweet from YouTube results in approximately six new YouTube viewing sessions. Also, viewers that find new videos through friends and influencers on social media networks are more likely to view or complete watching an entire video.
  4. Video can drive traffic to your website. Forrester Research found that webpages with video are 50% more likely than pages with text to show up on the first page of Google search results.
  5. If you are using video on your website and within the social media space, include Facebook buttons and other sharing buttons to encourage viewers to pass your video on to someone else.
  6. Include clickable calls to action within the video itself. Read this article about the rise of interactive online video.

And one final point: don’t forget to monitor the performance of your videos to see how audiences are responding to your message. There are some great analytics tools available to help you measure your ROI when it comes to your video marketing campaign.

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Make a Viral Video For Me

Monday, April 4th, 2011

video smartphonesI will let you in on a little secret. No one can guarantee that an online video will go viral. And, while we’re on the subject, what constitutes “viral” anyway? Is it the amount of views? The amount of “likes?” If it’s based on the amount of views, how many must a video reach before it’s considered viral? There’s no doubt that businesses want their videos to go viral. They want millions of eyeballs tuned in to their content. But if those videos fail to convert customers, how successful has the video marketing campaign been? I think that the success of online video for marketers should be┬ámeasured┬ámore in conversion versus views. More views will provide more opportunities for conversion, but if your goal is strictly to see how many views you can earn, then I believe you are focused on the wrong thing. When starting any video campaign, you should focus your efforts on content.

Content is still king. As a marketer, if you don’t have something valuable to say to your audience, then it doesn’t matter how funny, exciting, or awesome your video is. It will be difficult to find an audience willing to watch. Your videos should have a clear, concise message that’s delivered to your audience in a way that will capture and hold a viewer’s interest. Video is part art and part storytelling. Don’t be so concerned with pushing your product/service into the forefront. Rather, share a story, an experience, an event with a targeted audience. That’s where you will find the type of material that will entertain, engage, and convert.

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Do You Really Want a Bad Looking Video?

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

fuzzy tvHere’s an important point to remember about creating an online video for your company – when you use it as a marketing tool, that video becomes part of your brand. It becomes part of your image, and it can affect what consumers think about you. A brick-and-mortar store takes great pride in its physical appearance. You, also, should take pride in the quality of your videos. You will hear the term “authentic” used a lot when people discuss online video. Consumers want companies to be real; genuine. As a result, people often believe that the quality of a video doesn’t matter. After all, if it looks bad, it will be more “authentic” and more people will respond to it. However…

  • Would you use that same approach with the appearance of your store or office?
  • Would you use that same approach with the design of your business cards?
  • How about your website?
  • How about the way your logo is designed, used, and displayed?

Business owners wouldn’t consider an unkempt retail location as a sign of being “authentic.” And they wouldn’t equate a shoddy logo design as an effort to be “real.” Authenticity isn’t necessarily related to quality. Image is an important part of your company’s identity, and careful thought should be given to your video marketing strategy before you dive in head first.

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Video Converts Customers

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

In Monday’s seminar, we covered a lot of material pertaining to video marketing, including the fact that video can convert an audience into paying customers. Consider the following statistics:

  1. E-commerce sites that use product videos sell up to 45% more. Online retailer says it sees a 45% higher conversion rate for customers who watch videos on its web site. And says it sells up to 30% more for products that are featured in videos rather than just static images. (Sources: ReelSEO, Internet Retailer)
  2. According to Forrester research Video SEO is 53 times more likely to drive a 1st page search result than traditional SEO.
  3. A Kelsey Group study found that 55% of people who view a video visit the company’s website and 24% make a purchase as a result of watching.
  4. Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. (Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey)
  5. Video landing pages generate four to seven times higher engagement and response rates than static image and text landing pages (SearchEngineWatch, February 2010).

When we look at these percentages, what we see is that video can be a very effective tool when done right. It has become the next step in the evolution of online interaction. The public is consuming video like they never have before – on their computers, Internet-ready televisions, and mobile devices. Video is rapidly becoming an expectation among consumers.

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